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World Photo Day 2021

World Photo Day as it is celebrated on 19 August each year was originally started and promoted by an Australian photographer, Korske Ara, in 2009. Korske is these days the proprietor of Lucent Imaging in Canberra which many people use to have high quality fine art prints made; myself included when I need a print larger than I can make at home. There is a World Photo day presence on Facebook here, Instagram here and on Twitter here.

Today, World Photo Day reaches millions of people around the world with big brands, professionals and photography enthusiasts all joining the celebration. Competitions are being conducted by various groups or organisations, including Flickr here.

August 19 celebrates the day when the French government purchased the patent for the daguerreotype process that creates highly detailed images on a sheet of copper plate with a thin coat of silver. According to National Today, the day requires participants to share a photo of their world, which can be anything the photographer chooses.

So, here are some photos of my Canberra world that I am choosing to share to celebrate World Photo Day 2021. They were all taken on previous World Photo Days.

Amaroo Graffiti

Chimneys and roof frame behind tree

Fluoroscent Graffiti

In Henry Rolland Park

Wet day at our place