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Inconsequential dashcam views of Canberra

Restricted very much in my opportunities to go out gathering images for the last four to five months, I recently decided to explore the use of my dash camera to assemble a series of photographs.

Using the recorded videos of my day-to-day travels around Canberra taking my wife and/ or myself to appointments as my starting point, I looked through them seeking moments that I might convert to still images.

What I now have is a growing series revealing viewpoints I would not normally be able to use – as stopping my car on sometimes busy roads to take shots through the windscreen, or standing on the same roads – busy or not – to take shots from the same position is not an option I generally would use.

I deliberately positioned the dashcam to include part of the car’s dash at the bottom of the images. Windscreen wipers, raindrops, sun flare, dirty glass, reflections in the glass – all such “blemishes” have been left in deliberately creating warts and-all inconsequential scenes of the national capital. “Wartworks” if you like.

A selection of the images created so far have been published as a portfolio on pages 15 – 22 of the April 2023 issue of Free Expressions (the monthly magazine of the Australian Photographic Society’s Contemporary Group).

Page 15, Free Expressions, April 2023 (screenshot)

The full magazine can be downloaded here.


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