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My conclusions about ZPS X

In my first blog piece about Zoner Photo Studio X (ZPS X) back on 10 October 2021, I suggested it was likely to take a long time for me to explore all of its features. I said that I’d best get started on my explorations and that, from time to time as I learned, I would post another piece about it here.

On 27 October and then 8 November I published two further pieces about some  of the features I had explored. Since then I have been quiet for a whole host of reasons, none of which need to be set out here. I have checked in on ZPS X on various occasions during that absence though. Well, I did suggest a thorough exploration would take considerable time!

So, have I explored every single feature that is available? No, I still haven’t and that is not surprising given the number of features there are. Nor, incidentally, have I explored everything in the other photo editing software that I’ve primarily been using for years.

Numerous features I have explored though have absolutely persuaded me that ZPS X is a great package. Anyone looking for photo editing software would do well to consider it and then be delighted with what they found. The fact that I will stick with my other editing software is not any reflection of ZPS X. It is simply because I am so used to the other one and the workflow arrangements that I have developed using it. Or am I just too old to change my boring ways?

So, what are the things about ZPS X that appeal to me most? Here is a small selection. It has a substantial volume of user-friendly features. It is an excellent RAW converter. It enables you to easily browse your images. There are regular updates. And excellent articles and videos to teach users. It is intuitive to use. I could continue listing other good things for a long time, but you can learn for yourself and compile your own lists.

I encourage you to explore for yourself. Simply log on to then click on the free Download button to get a copy of the software to explore freely for 30 days. Just run the installer and then follow the instructions on the screen. The trial period starts when you activate the program. If you decide to purchase ZPS X after your trial, you can choose whether to pay a small annual fee or a very small monthly fee.

And don’t forget to explore the monthly magazine and the YouTube channel videos. The whole package is so much more than photo editing software. You can learn huge amounts about photography generally. Just one recent example is a piece on image stacking of landscape photographs and using layers to tackle a large dynamic range. Another of the large number of available tutorials reveals how to add objects to a photo so that the resultant photo montage looks realistic.

It has been raining quite heavily where I live today and, as my local photography club is starting this year exploring the subject “Wet,” I ducked outside with my camera and grabbed some shots on the street and the driveway and then of my saturated black umbrella. Then I transferred the images to my computer and used ZPS X to process what I had captured. So, let me leave you with my results.

When you have tried ZPS X for yourself, I’d love to see examples of your creations. Feel free to put them in the comments area of this post. But whether you share any or not, have a great time exploring this package for yourself.


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