Photo Editing

Creating with ZPS X

Last week I explored more features of Zoner Photo Studio X (ZPS X).

This image scanned from a 1998 transparency of a man fishing at Dee Why in Sydney, Australia was my starting point.

1998.01 – 35 – Dee Why © Brian Rope

Whilst exploring the features, I used a few of them to create something very different from it. I looked at Layers, Adjustments, Masks, Cropping, Rotating, Selection Tools, and some Effects. I explored various Tools, including Gradient and Radial Filters, and Retouching. I looked at ways of varying exposure, contrast, white point and black point. My familiarity with most of those features in other software meant that, for those, it was pretty straightforward to use them in this package. The features I have rarely used elsewhere took a little more work on my part but none of them were difficult to understand.

I examined the ease of creating contact sheets, documentation photos, and portfolio presentations – and exporting them to PDFs or to a variety of image formats. I was most pleased to see the extensive range of image types that I could have used, including not only the common JPEG, TIFF and PNG formats, but also the less used such as AV1F. I was also pleased that I could quickly change the image profile to one of those I use when printing to various inkjet paper types.

I used the create feature to make a contact sheet and explored making postcards, calendars, collages, canvas prints, videos and photo books. All of that is straightforward and easy to learn. Also, whenever you start a new project, you are immediately shown what the prices are for the available sizes

Whenever you need help, you simply click the ? at the top of your screen and choose the ZPS X online manual or the Getting Started option (also online). The ? menu is also where you find technical support and system information – or check for updates.

So, what did I create from my starting image? This:

Dee Why Fisherman © Brian Rope

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